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* A full step-by-step Life Coach education, conducted by coaches, therapists and psychologists.
* 31 pdf modules which you can download, print or access online 24/7, for 1 year
* 24/7 mentor support by email, whenever you need it.
* A Life Coach diploma as soon as the final exam is completed.
* Ongoing support after completion of your course.

Do you want to be part of one of the fastest growing professions in the world? The coaching industry is now a $1.5 billion dollar industry worldwide and still on the rise, meaning that the demand for qualified Life Coaches is growing yearly as more individuals as well as companies are discovering the amazing results that can be achieved with life coaching, and people are realizing that life coaching is certainly not only for the privileged few.

A Life Coach may assist people in pursuing new careers or advancing in their current ones, assist in starting new businesses, improving personal or business relationships, assist in developing better professional or social interaction skills, help people achieve their weight loss or/and fitness goals, assist people becoming financial disciplined or becoming better leaders – and so much more as coaching basically involves setting measurable goals in all life aspects relating to the clients desired outcomes. The Life Coach will assist the clients to stay focused and motivated throughout their journey to reach those goals and provide the needed support and guidance. As every journey is different with each client, your job as a Life Coach will never be boring and never become a routine, and will definitely will keep you on your toes constantly.

Becoming a Life Coach will give you the opportunity to create a rewarding and exciting career on your own terms. Whether you decide to set up office somewhere or work from home, work alone or together with other coaches, work full-time or part-time, in a large corporation – there really are no limits as the possibilities are endless. We also see many students with careers in nursing, teaching and human resources now becoming Life Coaches in order to gain more tools into their work lives and to help their colleagues, employees, patients and others moving forward, setting goals and realising their full potential.

The study consists of 31 modules, all written material easy to understand and implement, and we will teach you all the basics of life coaching and every skill essential to professional life coaching, as well as how to coach clients step by step, how to set up a coaching practice and move forward with your career as a Life Coach.

Once you have completed all the modules and passed the written exams, we will forward your diploma.

We are always available for you to contact and are happy to mentor you along the way, and our support also continues after you have finished the course, if you should have questions about coaching or need advice on how to progress your life coaching career.


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