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* A full step-by-step Sleep Coach education, conducted by coaches, psychologists and sleep experts
* 27 pdf modules which you can download, print or access online 24/7, for 1 year
* 24/7 mentor support, whenever you need it
* A Sleep Coach diploma as soon as the final exam is completed
* Ongoing support after completion of your courseĀ 

Do you or your close ones experience sleep problems frequently?
Do you want to know how to cope with sleep problems?
Are you interested in sleep and why sleep problems occur?
Do you want a new career helping people improve their sleep?
Then sleep coaching may be the perfect career for you!

Training as a Sleep Coach you will learn all about sleep and how to coach sleep deprived clients how to improve their sleep step by step.

The study consists of 27 modules, all written material easy to understand and easy to implement.

Once you have completed the modules you may email us the written test for your accreditation.

Examples of the study includes:
Understanding sleep
Sleep medication
Benefits of sleep
Natural sleep aids
What is sleep coaching?
The important sleep improvement tools
How to coach a sleep deprived client

Today we are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of good quality sleep as well as aware of the many physical and psychological problems the lack of sleep may bring. And yet insufficient sleep is quickly becoming a public health epidemic and there is a great need for Sleep Coaches to help people understand sleep and improve their sleep.

Know that it is indeed possible to obtain a better sleep and with our Sleep Coach training, you will be able to coach your clients step by step on how to improve their sleep.

We hope, you will take this journey with us to become a certified Sleep Coach, and if you have questions about the study or the test, you are always welcome to contact us.

Enroll easily today and begin your new and exciting career as a Sleep Coach!


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